On October 12, 2015, friends and coworkers LouAnne Harris and Julieta “Jules” Gismondi—aka the Atlantic SUPer Girls—paddled out of New York City with their sights set on Miami, Florida. Over the next four months, the duo experienced strong winds, freezing temperatures, and aching muscles as well as beautiful beaches, personal growth, and an ever-growing thirst for adventure as they paddled down the East Coast. Upon landing in Miami—in addition to raising $16,000 for charity—their epic journey earned them the coveted “Top Expedition” award at the 2016 SUP Awards. Here, the Atlantic SUPer Girls share their story.
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Tell us about your background with SUP.
 I started standup paddling five years ago working at The Manhattan Kayak Company (MKC) in Manhattan. When I began working the company did not have an official SUP program, but when they launched it the next year I got in on the ground floor and grew with the program.

JG: I was always into watersports. I started rowing at a very young age back home in Buenos Aires, then took up kayaking when I moved to NYC where I became an instructor and guide. In the summer of ‘07, we bought a couple of boards from C4Waterman and got them shipped from Hawaii and it all evolved from there.