Over the past 35 years BIC Sport has earned a reputation for building durable, performance-minded watersports equipment at a great price. We’re always striving to make stronger, lighter and better boards for our customers. 

After years of development and testing, we’re proud to announce the launch of TOUGH-TEC, a ground-breaking new boardsport construction technology exclusive to BIC Sport. TOUGH-TEC boards are a major step forward in durability while offering lighter weight and higher performance*

While the materials are simple, the technology needed to properly build TOUGH-TEC boards is anything but. Under heat and pressure we fuse an incredibly durable polyethylene skin around a stringerless, precision-molded EPS foam core to reach a pinnacle in terms of durability to weight ratio. 100% Made in France with the highest quality standards and sustainable manufacturing techniques. TOUGH-TEC SUP and Windsurf boards offer unmatched product lifetime and excellent value for money.