Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a fast, non-inflatable, multi-purpose board to paddle long distances then the Bullet from SIC Maui is worth a look. This stand up paddle (SUP) board comes in the Tuff Carbon Wood (TWC) construction which is durable. The board is 28.25 inches wide making it somewhat stable and the board is fast. Its construction is at an average weight of 27.5 lbs and has 2.5 lbs per foot, which is average for an 11 foot board. Its construction and shape combined make this board diverse in its ability to be exceptional for downwind, touring and racing. Retailing at $1,599, the board sits just above the popular mid-tier market in terms of affordability.

First Impressions

On first impressions, the graphics and color are gorgeous, the shape design is very thoughtful and the construction strikes as durable. The graphics are simple yet stunning and give the board a premium look. The shape design is unique for boards in these categories, offering features tailored for both recreation and competition. The construction does appear rather strong and looks to be able to handle frequent use but needs to be handled carefully. Because the board is 27 lbs it’s slightly difficult to carry however the EZ grab handle makes carrying much easier because you’re able to fully grip the handle. The glide feels fast, which is to be expected since speed-centric designs are fully in place for this board model. Putting everything together, the Bullet is a board for intermediate and advanced paddlers that are interested in finding a multipurpose board great for racing, downwinding and touring.


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