Big News! Centripetal is stoked to now represent the 20-year-old Australian brand Carve!


You’ll catch the brand on the beach, in the bowl, at the park, on the hill, off the deep end and on faces as a multinational brand, retailing sunglasses, clothing, wetsuits, swimwear, snow gear and accessories!

Checkout their latest Floating Eyewear Collection, which means you never lose your sunglasses again!


This floating eyewear collection are the ultimate pair of sunnies if you enjoy Fishing, Boating or other Water Sports.

With floatable memory tech frame and hydrophibic lens these sunglasses won’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. No matter how hard you go. The floatable memory technology in the frames adds a modern twist to a classic pair of sunglasses. The inclusion of hydrophobic lens means this range of sunglasses are water resistant!

The floating eyewear collection includes 4 styles:  Voyager, Moray, Volley and Wolf Pak. This collection not only looks great, but also has 100% UV protection. Most sunglasses that say they float, only float in the bath! If there is any movement on the top of the water - down…. they… go…. These sunglasses will float even in the most turbulent conditions.