In his latest video called Sculptures, Greg Rabejac takes us on a discovery of a slab in South West France. An atypical wave that is formed and disperses rapidly, so quick that an onlookers naked eye mightn't pick up on it from the ledge. This wave, which has traveled thousands of kilometers across the Atlantic, for a split second becomes an ephemeral sculpture. Thanks to his photographs, we are able to witness this natural phenomenon in artform.

Every day, the ocean puts on a magnificent show, and we have Greg Rabejac to thank for capturing this underappreciated sight to behold... A well-known name in the worlds of surfing and ocean photography, photographer Greg Rabejac was featured on the TV show, Thalassa, on December 10th. More than 2 million viewers enjoyed the work of this passionate artist. At OXBOW, we have been fortunate enough to know and have been collaborating with Greg for several years. Our resident photographer, he is the man behind the lens who captures and transforms our surfers exploits. He encapsulates the ocean like no other; captivating all lovers of the sea and surf perfectly. Greg Rabejac stands out from his peers by focusing his work not on the surfer, but on the object of his desires: the wave. From small to gigantic, like Belharra, Greg spends hours in the water, in summer and winter, day and night, capturing the artistic beauty behind every wave.