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Myth: Complex carbohydrates are a better energy source than simple carbohydrates when exercising.

Fact: All carbohydrates are ultimately processed into the same simple sugar component (glucose) for energy. Gram for gram, complex carbs provide the same amount of energy as simple carbs.

  • Simple carbs are derived from glucose, fructose, or a combination of the two (examples: Sport Beans, sport drinks, fruits, sodas).

  • Complex carbs are derived from a complex structure of glucose called starch (examples: potatoes, breads, pastas, some sport gels).

  • Both types of carbs share the same basic sugar unit glucose.


Myth: High GI foods negatively impact physical performance.

Fact: High GI foods like Sport Beans are optimal during exercise since muscles use glucose (sugar) as fuel and need it quickly.

  • Different types of carbohydrates cause glucose to appear in circulation at different rates.

  • How quickly circulating glucose levels rise is referred to as the Glycemic Index (GI).

  • A high GI food means glucose gets into the system faster than a low GI food.

  • The GI for a food cannot be predicted based upon whether it is a complex or simple carbohydrate.

  • Research studies support the use of high GI foods over low GI foods during and after exercise as a means to boost performance.


Myth: High GI foods create a "spike" and "crash" in energy levels.

Fact: High GI foods like Sport Beans do create a rapid rise in blood sugar, providing quick energy. However, there is no actual "crash" that occurs - blood sugar levels simply return to normal.

  • Consumption of all carbohydrates results in a rise in circulating levels of sugar.

  • Complex carbs are derived from a complex structure of glucose called starch (examples: potatoes, breads, pastas, some sport gels).

  • The body handles this rise by releasing insulin, which ushers sugars into the body's cells returning levels to normal.

Bic Sport: Techno Wind Foil

Bic Sport: Techno Wind Foil

The brand new TECHNO FOIL has been conceived for freeriding AND foil-boarding with one single board. It means you can take advantage of the foil for riding in light winds, then switch to freeride once the wind strengthens.

OXBOW presents SCULPTURES : Greg Rabejac captures Art in the Ocean

OXBOW presents SCULPTURES : Greg Rabejac captures Art in the Ocean

In his latest video called Sculptures, Greg Rabejac takes us on a discovery of a slab in South West France. An atypical wave that is formed and disperses rapidly, so quick that an onlookers naked eye mightn't pick up on it from the ledge. This wave, which has traveled thousands of kilometers across the Atlantic, for a split second becomes an ephemeral sculpture. Thanks to his photographs, we are able to witness this natural phenomenon in artform.

Every day, the ocean puts on a magnificent show, and we have Greg Rabejac to thank for capturing this underappreciated sight to behold... A well-known name in the worlds of surfing and ocean photography, photographer Greg Rabejac was featured on the TV show, Thalassa, on December 10th. More than 2 million viewers enjoyed the work of this passionate artist. At OXBOW, we have been fortunate enough to know and have been collaborating with Greg for several years. Our resident photographer, he is the man behind the lens who captures and transforms our surfers exploits. He encapsulates the ocean like no other; captivating all lovers of the sea and surf perfectly. Greg Rabejac stands out from his peers by focusing his work not on the surfer, but on the object of his desires: the wave. From small to gigantic, like Belharra, Greg spends hours in the water, in summer and winter, day and night, capturing the artistic beauty behind every wave.


Around this time of the year, we start to think about our goals and aspirations for the new year and how we plan to accomplish them. But before we fully turn our heads towards another exciting new year, we want to give a nod to some of the best SIC moments from 2018. From inspiring SIC athlete performances to new SIC products and industry awards, 2018 has been an extra special year. Take a look at some of our favorite moments below!

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.00.11 AM.png


The annual Imua Keiki O Ke Kai brings together racing and fundraising to benefit the special needs children of Camp Imua, and this year’s event was nothing short of amazing. Lead by our fearless leader Andrea Moller, Imua Keiki O Ke Kai, which means “go forward, children of the sea,” connects children with special needs to the ocean and the local Maui community of ocean athletes, as well as builds community among families. Tons of stoked athletes and happy kids could be seen all around the water at Kahului Harbor on Maui and SIC Ambassadors Andrea Moller, Jeremy Riggs, Kody Kerbox, Livio Menelau, and Master Shaper Mark Raaphorst were some of the many faces in attendance this year.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.00.19 AM.png


SIC was honored with the 2018 Supconnect Brand of the Year award and the Race Board of the Year award for the new RS Series. The annual Supconnect awards acknowledge brands, athletes, and gear that have made exceptional contributions to the sport and winners are selected based off of a combination of criteria including consumer and retailer feedback. In addition to the Brand of the Year and Race Board of the Year awards, SIC Global Athletes Seychelle and Jade Howson received runner-up titles for the SUP Woman of the Year and SUP Grom of the Year awards respectively.

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IFA PROWEAR to Launch New Line

Just released - IFA PROWEAR plans to launch men’s and women’s underwear line for 2019! Stay tuned for Nakedwear.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.13.41 AM.png

Checkout Our All New Brand: Carve

Checkout Our All New Brand: Carve

Big News! Centripetal is stoked to now represent the 20-year-old Australian brand Carve!


You’ll catch the brand on the beach, in the bowl, at the park, on the hill, off the deep end and on faces as a multinational brand, retailing sunglasses, clothing, wetsuits, swimwear, snow gear and accessories!

Checkout their latest Floating Eyewear Collection, which means you never lose your sunglasses again!


This floating eyewear collection are the ultimate pair of sunnies if you enjoy Fishing, Boating or other Water Sports.

With floatable memory tech frame and hydrophibic lens these sunglasses won’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. No matter how hard you go. The floatable memory technology in the frames adds a modern twist to a classic pair of sunglasses. The inclusion of hydrophobic lens means this range of sunglasses are water resistant!

The floating eyewear collection includes 4 styles:  Voyager, Moray, Volley and Wolf Pak. This collection not only looks great, but also has 100% UV protection. Most sunglasses that say they float, only float in the bath! If there is any movement on the top of the water - down…. they… go…. These sunglasses will float even in the most turbulent conditions.



OXBOW Ambassador, Pierre Lopez presents the Dune Paddle Crossing

Imagine a rowing race between Lacanau and the Dune du Pilat. An oceanic marathon of almost 50km ... The Dune Paddle Crossing is the crazy project of our ambassador Pierre Lopez . Lifeguard in Lacanau-Océan, Pierre practices paddleboard prone in all conditions. He was inspired by the mythical races of the Molokai2Oahu in Hawaii and the Catalina Classic in California to create the Dune Paddle Crossing. Much more than a race, it's a real adventure where participants row between Lacanau's baïnes, Cap Ferret's tip and the Arcachon basin passes. More than 6 hours of effort in sight of the arrival at the foot of the most beautiful dune in the world.

Pierre invited his friends to make this first test edition, Ludovic Dulou, Olivia Piana, Mederic Berthe, Alexy Berthet, Antoine and Olivier Darrieumerlou. We followed them with the cameraman Pierre Frechou, to make you live from inside (and from the air) this incredible crossing.

SUPin' Venice - 4K stand up paddle in Italy - Teulade Brothers

SUPin' Venice - 4K stand up paddle in Italy - Teulade Brothers

City life meets SUP life with an international twist when French Stand Up Paddleboard athletes Jeremy and Ludovic Teulade take their paddling to Venice, Italy. An urban exploration by land and sea featuring Oxbow and the Teulade brothers. Venice is the second episode in the series, subscribe to the Oxbow YouTube channel and stay on top of all new releases! Oxbow is a surfwear and equipment brand based in South West of France. As the name implies, Oxbow is about taking the path less traveled – wander, explore, discover.

IFA PROWEAR: Origin Story

IFA PROWEAR: Origin Story

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.37.55 AM.png


The idea was simple and it started in the mountains of Colorado.  As a pro skier, the founder, Ian was tired of being uncomfortable in the same long underwear for ten years on the mountain.  He had the idea of something more.  Underwear didn't have to look the same, it didn't have to fit the same and every once in a while, a bit of innovation can go a long way.  After putting in the research for alternative materials, within a year, the idea of our, ultra-soft, eco-friendly fabric was finally developed.


No, for lack of a better idiom, these are not the same exact pair your dad wore, everyday.  What is different?  They're comfortable, they're not cotton and they are not a "One Size Fits All" pair.  IFA is made of sustainable, breathable, anti-bacterial (no they won't stink) all natural viscose from bamboo.  So, why bamboo?  Bamboo has more active, inherent qualities than many other fabrics such as cotton, wool or polyester.  Does wearing IFA underwear make you a better person?  Yes.


Are you in?

Shane Campbell joins CARVE

Shane Campbell joins CARVE

Shane Campbell is a gun!

Born in 1995, Shane quickly took on surfing at an early age.

Based in Cronulla his grown to become a local surfing personality.

Check out the video of him shredding!

BIC Surf - Progress collection

BIC Surf - Progress collection

The PROGRESS range features our exclusive DURA-TEC construction technology and is the go to product for ‘ding-free’ performance in intensive rental settings as well as for beginner/intermediate riders who are looking for worry-free reliability in a wide range of performance shapes for riders of every size. 100% Made in our factory in France in precision engineered steel molds and sustainable manufacturing techniques for premium quality and extreme durability at a very affordable price. Proven performance and reliability - Over 300,000 boards sold around the world since the beginning of BIC SURF!

Sport Beans: Published Research

Sport Beans: Published Research

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.30.09 AM.png

Sport beans performed as well as gels and sport drinks in a simulated 10K cycle race following an endurance ride, and significantly better than water alone.


  • 16 healthy non-smoking, male and female cyclists and triathletes participated in the study and varied between the ages of 23 and 45.

  • The participants completed a series of four 10-kilometer time trials while ingesting one of three different kinds of carbohydrate supplements (including Sport Beans) or water alone.

  • The athletes achieved 32-38 second faster times in the trial with Sport Beans rather than water alone.

  • In addition, the athletes completed the time trials with the highest average "power output" with Sport Beans Energizing Jelly Beans.


Reference: Campbell C., Prince D., Braun M., Applegate E., & Casazza G.A.
Carbohydrate-Supplement Form and Exercise Performance. International Journal Spot Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 18:179-190, 2008

SIC Maui Review from SUP Connect

SIC Maui Review from SUP Connect

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a fast, non-inflatable, multi-purpose board to paddle long distances then the Bullet from SIC Maui is worth a look. This stand up paddle (SUP) board comes in the Tuff Carbon Wood (TWC) construction which is durable. The board is 28.25 inches wide making it somewhat stable and the board is fast. Its construction is at an average weight of 27.5 lbs and has 2.5 lbs per foot, which is average for an 11 foot board. Its construction and shape combined make this board diverse in its ability to be exceptional for downwind, touring and racing. Retailing at $1,599, the board sits just above the popular mid-tier market in terms of affordability.

First Impressions

On first impressions, the graphics and color are gorgeous, the shape design is very thoughtful and the construction strikes as durable. The graphics are simple yet stunning and give the board a premium look. The shape design is unique for boards in these categories, offering features tailored for both recreation and competition. The construction does appear rather strong and looks to be able to handle frequent use but needs to be handled carefully. Because the board is 27 lbs it’s slightly difficult to carry however the EZ grab handle makes carrying much easier because you’re able to fully grip the handle. The glide feels fast, which is to be expected since speed-centric designs are fully in place for this board model. Putting everything together, the Bullet is a board for intermediate and advanced paddlers that are interested in finding a multipurpose board great for racing, downwinding and touring.


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